About Us

Our mission statement is simple: To grow the profitability of the community, one business at a time.

Tammatha Denyes, our founder, dreamt of an accounting business that did more than just data entry. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people that connected with her. Our passion from Day 1 has been to help businesses grow at a rate they can sustain and help move them forward in their dreams. Now that sounds like a bunch of rainbows and unicorns, but it it was and is plausible. For that reason, TD Accounting Services was launched in 2012

Our mission statement is simple:
To grow the profitability of the community, one business at a time…

We’re undergoing a revolution — one that is mind-blowing and innovative. What’s that, you ask? The growth of Cloud Accounting. And boy, are we ever passionate about it. How many times have you thought something like “How could I possibly grow my business with all this paperwork?” Or even worse, “I’m neglecting my family, but I need to get stuff done.” When you become a member of our family, we not only provide a service, but can help you attain those dreams and aspirations that made you choose to be self-employed in the first place. All while getting that previous family-time back.

That’s our story — let’s build yours.

Meet Our Team

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What our clients say

  • “TD Accounting’s knowledge and teaching techniques are incredible. I was very concerned the training would be a lot to take on, a lot of knowledge thrown at me at once, but they made the transition seamless. I have never felt more confident.” 


    President, Oak Hills Water
  • “A forward-looking, seasoned professional, Tammatha at TD Accounting knows how to save owners time and money through technology and efficiency.”


    President, Kata Accounting
  • “Our new homes construction company has thoroughly enjoyed working with Tammatha and her team at TD Accounting. She does what she says she will, when she says she’ll do it and is very knowledgable and up to date in her profession.”


    Duramac Homes
  • “Tammatha and her team are terrific – I can always count on a quick answer. She and her staff are always friendly, professional and helpful. I also LOVE how she automated my payroll and taxes, plus made it ridiculously easy to submit my receipts. No more boxes of random paper! Highly recommended!”


    Owner, Kyley Zimmerman Aromatherapy