You’re young and hungry, sharp as hell, tech savvy, have a business you treat like your first born…. and can’t balance your books worth a damn.
Good news, hotshot.
That’s our job!
We’re here to help you help yourself — because your success is our success. And you better believe...
we want you to succeed.
Missed deadlines, forgotten sales tax, loan denial, outdated books, disarray? No more.
That’s not who you are — you are a
And we’re here to join the revolution.
If understanding how to make those debits and credits talk is an art, you can call us Picasso.
We’re here to paint a picture of the business you’ve always wanted — one dollar sign and decimal point at a time.
Now’s the time to find that profit — ready for us to show you how?
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We are a fully virtual, 100% cloud based, badass accounting practice that is revolutionizing how SMB's maximize in today's technological world

Our Services

Ready to get your financial house in order? WE ARE!

Cloud Bookkeeping

Your job isn’t to manage finances. That’s ours. From payroll to sales tax, and expense monitoring to year-end, we do it all so you can focus on what really matters: your passion.

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Cloud Migration

Security, efficiency, affordability. Let’s work together to modernize your back-end and bring it online so you can truly have control over your operations.

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We get it, no one enjoys paying taxes. Personal or corporate, we make the filing process seamless while maximizing your tax deductions.

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Our mission is YOUR growth.

Our bottom line is maximizing your bottom line. You need something more advanced than data entry, and lucky for us all, the cloud has revolutionized the entire bookkeeping game.

What our clients say

“TD Accounting’s knowledge and teaching techniques are incredible. I was very concerned the training would be a lot to take on, a lot of knowledge thrown at me at once, but they made the transition seamless. I have never felt more confident.” 


President, Oak Hills Water

“A forward-looking, seasoned professional, Tammatha at TD Accounting knows how to save owners time and money through technology and efficiency.”


President, Kata Accounting

“Our new homes construction company has thoroughly enjoyed working with Tammatha and her team at TD Accounting. She does what she says she will, when she says she’ll do it and is very knowledgable and up to date in her profession.”


Duramac Homes

“Tammatha and her team are terrific – I can always count on a quick answer. She and her staff are always friendly, professional and helpful. I also LOVE how she automated my payroll and taxes, plus made it ridiculously easy to submit my receipts. No more boxes of random paper! Highly recommended!”


Owner, Kyley Zimmerman Aromatherapy

Tammatha and her team are professional, reliable and easy to work with. Beyond the regular bookkeeping duties, they managed a massive book clean-up for us in 2017 and did it all in time for us to file taxes on time – not an easy task. They deliver! I would recommend her and her team to anyone.


Owner, C'est Bon Cooking

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Now’s the time. Your success is our success. Let’s kick some ass.

Our Latest posts

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While you might be on top of your products and promotions, the hidden cost of running a business is all in how you're managing that money. Making money is easy but so is losing it if you're not careful.

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While bookkeeping and accounting aren't the same things, they're both important in keeping your business together. Every small business needs to be smart with their money if they want to thrive.

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While it takes a lot of work just to get a business started, much of that work is made moot within the first few years.  Why?  The reason being is that most businesses fold within five years. The real secret to Continue reading →

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The CRA offers tax deductions to reduce the amount of taxable income so that you owe the federal government less tax. Tax credits, on the other hand, decrease the amount of tax.  Even though these incentives exist, most taxpayers are not keen to exploit every opportunity that cuts their tax bill.

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When you get bookkeeping help, you take all of the unnecessary work off of your shoulders. Handling your payroll, taxes, and managing day to day finances keeps you from running your business. Hiring someone to help will keep things moving in the right direction.

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If you weren’t aware of all the deductions you’re entitled to, don’t worry. Many business owners are in the same boat.  Just be sure you’re getting all the deductions you’re entitled to this coming tax season and beyond.

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